25 Sep 2014


Today about something important ;)
I've never considered myself as a feminist, but I've always been a huge fan of an inspiring Emma Watson. It's basically the only reason why I decided to watch her speech at the UN for like "one or to minutes". I ended up watching the whole speech twice. The HeForShe campaign has been launched to stop gender inequality. Nowadays the word "feminist" brings up unpleasant associations and in my opinion Emma totally redefined it and I agree with every word she said. Feminism is not about hating the men, as she pointed, but about having the same rights and opportunities by BOTH male and female sex. "It's not the word (feminism) that is important - it's the idea and the definition behind it."
The main reason that the campaign has been launch is to invite the male sex to make changes as gender inequality affects both sexes. So if you're a representative of a male and you want to make a change, please support this campaign.
Visit http://www.heforshe.org/ and take action! I saw that 338 man in Poland have decided to stand up for equal rights and the number is still increasing!

Artists who are supporting the campaign:

          Even Barack Obama stands up :)

photo sources:

I believe that only together we can make changes! :)

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